Beautiful Scars

Instead, credit God with your new situation: you are united with Jesus the Anointed.  He is God’s wisdom for us and more. He is our righteousness, holiness and redemption. 1 Corinthians 1:30 The look of concern that formed across the delicate face of my six year old as she looked at me sent my heart … More Beautiful Scars

The Church, A Mission and A Meaningful Call

For all those who have dealt with abuse and are dealing with the heartache of shared custody, this is for you.  Because here’s the thing…the system is broken and children are suffering.  Truly.  The road of dealing with custody issues is painful for all but specifically, the children. Over the course of the past year, … More The Church, A Mission and A Meaningful Call

Behind closed doors

People have stories to tell.  Real life experiences that have left hearts pierced and broken. Experiences which many wish could be left and never revisited, however, it isn’t that simple. Abuse comes in various forms.  It knows no boundaries.  It can strike any home, at any moment, no matter social status, race or gender. For women, if … More Behind closed doors

Life after abuse…what I wish my friends knew.

I wasn’t always this person. The one full of doubts constantly wondering if you’ll truly stick around.  I wasn’t the one who cried so easily at the smallest of things. And I wasn’t the person who kept people at arm’s length but instead greeted everyone I met, even the strangers, with a hug. Walking away … More Life after abuse…what I wish my friends knew.